Blocked outside drains,


kitchen sink gully drains.

Blocked external drains,


kitchen sink gullies.

Standard drain rodding & high pressure water machine jetting.

£60.00 for upto the 1st hour

£30.00 for every 1/2 hour after

80% of blockages cleared within the hour.

Access point


Mini 40mm access point - can be installed to soil & vent pipe or pvc neck behind toilet. 

Blocked outside drains

N.A.D.C. certified cctv drain surveys to WRc standard (mscc5) & look see inspections

Full cctv survey & report


External below ground cctv drain survey to all accessable drains,to include emailed report - site plan & usb video stick .We will need a manhole access or inspection chamber for the survey, if you dont have one we can install one for you for an agreed price.

Standard 2 or 3 bedroomed house

cctv survey & report terms apply

larger homes will incur further charge.

Water authority build over reports


Water authority build over report including emailed report - drain trace & site plan.Manhole access needed.Note - return visit upon completion of building works is an extra cost.

Basic cctv look see inspection


Basic one single drain line below ground cctv look see inspection ( ideal for builders or home owners wanting to check one drain lines condition ).Manhole access needed or we can install an access point for an extra cost,if you need the cctv drain inspection from a toilet it will need to be removed by your plumber prior to our visit or we can install an access point to the neck of the toilet ( if pvc ) for an agreed price in Leamington Spa,Warwick,Kenilworth,Stratford Upon Avon,Daventry,Rugby,Coventry & surrounding areas..

Emailed report


Emailed report of basic one single drain line cctv look see inspection.

Usb video


Usb stick video of basic one single drain line cctv look see inspection.

Site drawing


Emailed copy of site drawing for basic single one line cctv look see inspection.

Access point


Mini 40mm access point - can be installed to soil & vent pipe or  pvc neck behind toilet.

Cctv drain surveys & reports

Drain tracing

single one line drain trace


Manhole repairs

manhole covers re-beded £220.00

new manhole covers P.O.A.

manhole re-benching £280.00

manhole re-pointing £450.00

Patch drain lining

1 meter patch drain liner £325.00

 Excavation repairs

drain excavation repairs P.O.A.

Drain Repairs













Blocked drains unblocked - Cctv drain surveys & reports - Drain & manhole repairs

Areas covered : cv31- cv37 - cv4 - cv8 - cv21 - cv22 - cv23 - cv32 - cv33 - cv34 - cv35 - cv36 - cv47 - gl55 - gl56 - wr11 - b49 - b50 - b80 - b93 - b95 - ox15 - ox16 - ox17 - nn11.

Unblocking blocked drains - clogged toilet blockages - overflowing manholes & kitchen gullys - cleaning & clearing drainpipes & downpipes - Domestic cctv drain surveys & reports - cctv drain inspections - severn trent build over reports - drain repairs & alterations.


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